Product Care and Maintenance

Caring for BOA®

What is BOA® ?

BOA® is a dial-based performance-fit system that ensures a precise, secure fit. BOA delivers dialed-in performance and a micro-adjustable, precision fit.

What parts of the BOA® Fit System are replaceable?

For the Pull-on boot: The dial.

For the Lace-up boot: The dial and the lace.

What do I do if the dial or lace breaks off?

For the Pull-on boot: If the dial needs to be replaced for safety reasons, contact us at 1-800-899-8141 and we'll send you a free repair kit.

For the Lace-up boot: If the dial pops off the boot, it can easily be snapped back into the base. If the dial or lace needs to be replaced for safety reasons, contact us at 1-800-899-8141 and we’ll send you a free repair kit.

If you are unable to do the repair yourself, you can exchange or return the entire boot.

What comes in the repair kit?

For Pull-on boot: A new dial and a small screwdriver.

For the Lace-up boot: A new dial, two sets of laces, two loop lock tools, and a small flat head screwdriver.

What is the repair process like?

For Pull-on boot: It’s a simple process that shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes. Pull-On M3 Repair Guide

Is there a special warranty for these boots?

The normal 12-month Ariat warranty applies. Pull-On M3 Repair Guide

How do I return my Workhog XT BOA® boots?

The return process is the same as for other Ariat products. Free returns apply to domestic purchases that you return within 90 days of purchase. To return one or more items from an order, simply enter your email address and order number here.

If you purchased them from a retailer, you must return your boots to the retailer.