Ariat How to Fit Tall Boots
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How to Fit Tall Riding Boots

How to fit tall riding boots- For optimal function and appearance, tall riding boots should fit snug, which means finding the perfect fit for you.

Ariat has been making English boots for over 20 years. Our first tall riding boots were produced in Italy in 1999. If you’re new to selecting this type of footwear, you may be wondering how they should fit. Ensure that your tall riding boots fit properly by following these steps:

Here’s what you’ll need to fit tall riding boots:

  • Pants and socks that are similar to what you ride in
  • A flat, straight-backed chair
  • A flexible cloth or vinyl tape measure

How to Fit Tall Riding Boots:

Tip: It’s best to have someone else help you take your measurements to achieve optimum accuracy.

  1. Wear clothing similar to what you’ll be wearing when you ride so that you get the most accurate fit possible.
  2. Sit in a flat, straight chair with your feet on the ground and your legs at a 90-degree angle.
  3. Measure around the widest part of your calf with the cloth/flexible tape measure and write down your width measurement.
  4. Then start with the tape measure at the back of your heel on the ground and measure up to the bend in your knee. If sizing for Ariat boots, add 1 inch to this number for drop allowance. Write down your height measurement.
  5. With your leg width and height measurements, consult a sizing chart from the boot company. For Ariat boots, continue reading to learn how to find your size.

Find Your Width and Height on Ariat’s Size Chart

When buying Ariat riding boots, you typically have a choice in width between Extra Slim, Regular, Full, Wide, and Extra Wide, and a choice in height from Short, to Regular, to Tall.

Our sizing chart is organized by each variation, such as Short Slim, Medium Slim, etc. Each variation has a column for your width measurement (W) and corresponding height measurements (H) to the right.

  1. Find your width measurement in one of the width (W) columns, then look to the column on its right and look for your height measurement.
  2. If you don’t see your height measurement in the column to the right, then move to the next instance of your width measurement and check again in the right column for your height measurement.
  3. Once you find two columns that contain both your width and height measurement, you have found your fit! Look up to the label at the top of the column to see your specific size.

For example, if your calf width is 15 inches, and your calf height is 17.75 (16.75” + 1” for drop allowance), then you would order a Medium Wide fit. You can view our size charts by clicking HERE.

Trying Them On When They Arrive

When your new riding boots arrive, check the fit by trying them on with your riding pants and socks. As you zip them up, you should feel some zipper resistance and comfortable pressure. They should fit snug, but not be uncomfortable. Tall riding boots stretch with wear and you don’t want them to become too loose. In some cases they may seem too tall, but remember they will drop down some with use.

Common Questions About How Tall Riding Boots Should Fit

How should riding boots fit around the calf?

  • Tall riding boots should fit snug around the calf and they shouldn’t be too easy to zip up over your calf. You also shouldn’t be able to move the boots around on your legs once zipped up.

Is it okay that my tall boots fit tight right after I buy them?

  • Yes, riding boots are supposed to be very fitted and they may feel tight when you first get them, but keep in mind the leather will stretch a bit with use. If they are so tight that they cause discomfort or pain, they may be too small.