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Women’s work boots are designed to be worn in indoor and outdoor settings where safety, support, and traction are a priority. They can be made in many shapes and styles while still serving their purpose as work footwear.

Types of women’s work boots

Women’s work boots are usually equipped with a range of features that improve the comfort and safety of the wearer. They’re designed to be durable and worn for long hours. Work boots for women often feature a safety toe to guard against impacts from falling or rolling objects—common toe materials are steel, carbon, and composite. Because they are often worn in dynamic, changing weather conditions, work boots tend to be waterproof and may also be built with insulation. This helps to ensure that feet stay dry and warm at all times. Women’s leather work boots are common, but work boots may also be constructed out of synthetic materials. While work boots typically make use of a lace-up design, slip-on work boots are also available and may be a good choice in situations where a person needs to be able to quickly take them off or put them on.

When to wear work boots

Some work boots have a utilitarian design and are purely a piece of workwear. In these cases, they are usually worn with a pair of work jeans and a long or short sleeve work shirt on a work site. Sometimes though, a well-cared for pair of work boots can fit in casual environments outside of work.

Ariat’s work boots for women

Our work boots are designed to keep up with you every step of the way. Built with features like waterproofing, a safety toe, and All Day Cushioning insoles, they’ll keep you comfortable from clock-in to clock-out. Find your new favorite work companion today.