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Men’s pants are a wardrobe staple throughout the Western world. They come in a very diverse variety of cuts, shapes, and fabrics, and can be worn in a whole host of different situations.

Types of men’s pants

Although all pants are designed to cover the majority of the leg, men’s pants can differ from each other significantly in their specifics. Some men’s pants are designed to fit closely to the entirety of the leg, while others are made to be more roomy through the thigh, lower leg, or both. Some pants are crafted from lightweight, breathable material whereas others are made from thick or insulating fabric. Likewise, they can be designed to stretch and give during movement, or to retain their shape and remain relatively rigid. Men’s pants come in a range of colors and washes. While many pants feature a four or five pocket design, some have significantly more pockets and some don’t have any pockets at all.

When to wear pants

Pants can be worn in nearly every environment. When paired with a button down shirt and nice shoes, jean pants can be worn in casual and semi-formal settings. When worn with a dress shirt and vest, chinos or dress pants can be worn in formal settings such as weddings.

Ariat’s pants for men

Our pants for men come in a huge range of different materials and styles. We offer waterproof pants that can stand up to wet rainy days on a job site or horse trail. Many of our pants are built with DuraStretch technology—allowing you to move freely whether you’re in an active work environment or showing off your moves on a Saturday night. Explore our pant offerings today and find the perfect pair for your needs and sense of style.