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Men’s shorts are a popular piece of casual clothing. Designed to keep the lower leg exposed, men’s shorts are generally worn during athletic activity, the summertime, or in climates that are warm year-round.

Types of men’s shorts

Similar to men’s pants, shorts can come in a wide variety of different fabrics, fits, and designs. While men’s shorts leave most of the lower leg exposed, they can vary in length—some shorts sit well above the knee, some sit right at knee-length, and others are a bit longer and cover the knee area entirely. Men’s shorts may be loose through the thigh or come in a snug, skinny fit. They’re often made of jean or khaki material and are available in many different colors and washes. Some shorts are made out of rigid fabric, while others have some stretch, allowing for easier movement. Athletic shorts for men are often built without pockets or with only one to two pockets—but non-athletic shorts generally come with four or five pocket construction and may also include cargo pockets on the sides of the thigh.

When to wear shorts

When worn with a t-shirt and sneakers, shorts serve as a casual warm weather staple. When paired with a polo shirt, they can be worn at semi-formal summer gatherings such as at a golf course or beach party. They may be worn in very casual office environments on hot days, and also in some outdoor work settings.

Ariat shorts for men

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