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Just like shoes made for adults, kids’ shoes are available in a wide variety of different shapes and styles. But since children’s feet grow quite rapidly, kids tend to go through far more shoes than adults do.

Types of kids’ western shoes

In many cases, kids’ western shoes are essentially miniature versions of adult’s western shoes. Shoes for kids can come in the shape of boots, sneakers, dress shoes, and more. While they can absolutely feature lace-up design, kids’ shoes frequently make use of slip-on or Velcro technology—this may make it easier for young children to put them on and take them off by themselves. Kids’ western shoes are often made of leather or synthetic materials and typically feature a rubber sole.

How to determine what size of shoe your child should wear

Sizing conventions can vary from one brand to the next—we’re happy to offer a free printable sizing chart to ensure that you find a properly-fitting pair of Ariat shoes for your child. Once you’ve printed out the sizing chart, here’s how to use it:
· Make sure your child is wearing the socks or stockings that they’ll use with their new shoes · Place your child’s heel so it is level with the base of the sizing chart · Have them put a normal amount of weight on their foot and relax their toes · The line that touches their longest toe is their shoe size! · Since feet can be different sizes and grow at different rates, it’s a good idea to measure both feet—then go with whichever size reading is larger.

Kids’ shoes from Ariat

Our kids’ western shoes are built with the same quality, craftsmanship, and attention to detail as our adult shoes! They also include great kid-specific design elements like our removable Wiggle Room fit system to allow for longer wear.