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Women’s equestrian clothing is designed to be worn while horse riding. Some pieces of women’s equestrian clothing are made for general use, while other garments are supposed to be worn during specific riding disciplines.

Types of women’s equestrian clothing

Show clothing is a type of formal wear that is worn during some riding events. Show coats are worn buttoned up, and are usually made out of fabrics that allow for stretch and ease of movement. They should fit close to the body, helping the rider to maintain a crisp and clean shape. Riding breeches help riders to stay comfortable and properly positioned while in the saddle. They are a form of athletic pants, and they fit very snugly through the leg, thigh, and seat. They’re available in a range of colors, and are often made out of a blend of spandex and nylon. Polo shirts have a folded collar and short sleeves. They are a popular choice for wear in warm conditions, as they can provide ventilation and wick away sweat. They’re often available in bright or contrasting colors, and may feature logos or branding on their front and sleeves. English riding boots are traditionally made out of leather, although they may be made out of a mix of natural and synthetic materials.

When to wear equestrian clothing

While women’s equestrian clothing is primarily made to be worn while horse riding, it can sometimes be worn in casual and semi-formal settings as well. For instance, a pair of English riding boots can be a daring choice to complement cocktail party attire.

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