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Outdoor work clothes are designed to protect the wearer from a range of different environmental issues including heat, cold, sun, rain, and snow. Some outdoor work clothes are meant to be worn in specific occupations, while others are more general use.

Types of outdoor work clothes

Men’s work shirts are often constructed out of cotton or polyester, and sometimes incorporate spandex for added flex. In some cases, they’re treated with flame resistant finishes in order to guard against burns. They can have short or long sleeves, and come in a range of different colors and patterns. Some of them are made out of heavy, insulating fabric, while others are made out of lightweight, breathable fabric. Work jackets often feature insulation, waterproofing, or other features meant to keep out wind, rain, and cold. Some work jackets have hoods or raised collars. Work pants come in a range of different cuts including straight leg, relaxed fit, and boot cut. Some of them are built with many utility pockets, making them a helpful choice in professions where workers need to carry a number of small objects. Men’s work shoes often include safety features such as a composite toe or slip-resistant sole. Men’s work boots often have a significant tread and are designed to be worn comfortably for long hours.

When to wear men’s work boots and clothing

Men’s work boots are an essential piece of outdoor work gear, but if they’re well-maintained they can also sometimes be worn in casual settings outside of work. Work jackets can be worn in casual and semi-formal settings, serving as a rugged-but-stylish outerwear choice.

Men’s workwear from Ariat

Whether you’re looking for a jacket that can handle cold days at the stable, or FR work pants for long days on an oil field, Ariat workwear is up to the challenge of your daily grind.