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There are many different types of western belts for women. All of them incorporate some stylistic elements that were popular in the Wild West. Western belts for women are usually very similar in appearance to western belts for men, but come in a different range of sizes.

Types of western belts for women

Western belts for women are usually made out of leather, although they are also sometimes made out of a fabric such as serape. Oftentimes, the surface of the belt is decorated in bright colors or engravings. Floral patterns, diamond patterns, and leopard print are all common decorative choices. The centerpiece of most western belts is the buckle—many western belts have ornate, large buckles. Common buckle designs include floral engravings, jade inlays, or imagery from the Wild West such as longhorns and cacti. Some western belts come with removable buckles, allowing the wearer to customize their belt or switch out different buckles depending on their outfit.

When to wear a western belt

There are many situations where a western belt can be a good choice. They can be worn with jeans and cowgirl boots for a classy look at casual and semi-formal events. Similar to a statement bag or wallet, a bright and eye-catching western belt can be the centerpiece or the point of contrast in an outfit. Because western belts are a functional piece of clothing, they can also be worn in some indoor and outdoor work settings. However, it’s good to remember that a large buckle can make them less practical in some active environments.

Western women’s belts from Ariat

We offer stylish and colorful western belts for women in a range of different styles, sizes, and widths. Whatever your wardrobe, you’ll find a bunch of options that match your color scheme and personal sense of style. Shop our collection today and embrace your inner cowgirl.