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Men’s jackets can take on many different shapes and serve several purposes—but at their core, they are designed to be worn as an outer, secondary layer of clothing.

Jackets vs. coats

Men’s jackets cover the upper body and usually extend to hip level or a bit below. Generally speaking, jackets are shorter in length and lighter in insulation level than coats. Jackets also tend to fit tighter to the body than coats do. However, a sizable number of garments incorporate some elements of both coats and jackets—so the line between the two can be fuzzy at times.

Types of men’s jackets

Men’s jackets typically feature zip-up construction, though some make use of buttons instead. Jackets often include a collar to protect the wearer from wind, but some jackets are built with a hood. Jacket hoods can be sewn on, but they also may be detachable. Men’s jackets are often insulated with materials such as polyester or down in order to provide additional warmth. They may also be made out of waterproof or water resistant materials, allowing them to be worn in wet or rainy conditions.

When to wear men’s jackets

Many men’s jackets are appropriate to wear in cool, cold, or wet outdoor work settings—these jackets are often insulated, waterproof, made out of rugged material, and designed to allow the wearer to move freely and easily. Jackets can also be worn in a wide range of outdoor settings outside of work. Depending on the jacket’s style, it might be worn with jeans and a button down in casual environments, with dress shoes in a formal environment, and everything in between.

Ariat’s jackets for men

We’re proud to offer a wide range of jackets and shirt jackets—they’re built to handle every situation under the sun (or clouds!). Explore our collection to find a warm, comfortable, stylish jacket that you’ll love.