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Women’s western boots are a style of footwear that incorporates design elements that were popular during the 19th century in the Wild West. While women’s western boots reference this time period, they come in many different shapes and styles, and can be worn in a wide variety of settings.

Types of western boots

Quite often, women’s western boots are made out of leather—but they can also incorporate synthetic materials. Western boots for women often feature decorative stitching or bright colors on their upper portion. Floral patterns and leopard print are both popular design choices. Most western boots are laceless, and are meant to be pulled on and off. They typically have a raised heel and a rubber sole with light or minimal tread. Some women’s western boots only come up to the ankle and are known as booties—but most western boots come up to the middle of the calf.

When to wear western boots

A very versatile piece of footwear, western boots can be worn in a number of situations. A nicely maintained pair of cowgirl boots matches well with western jeans and may be worn in semi-formal settings as well as some work environments. Additionally, western boots can be a cute choice to wear with a western skirt or dress. Some western boots are equipped with features such as waterproofing or a treaded sole, making them an option for outdoor labor at a barn or on a worksite.

Ariat western boots for women

Our western boots are built with a commitment to all-day comfort and head-turning style. Whether you’re looking for a boot that you can wear in the barnyard or boardroom, you’ll have many fantastic options to choose from. Browse our collection online or in-store today and find your new favorite pair of western boots.