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Men’s riding boots are a style of boot designed to be used for horse riding. One pair of men’s riding boots can vary in look and features significantly from the next based on the type of horse riding they are meant for.

Types of men’s riding boots

A primary component of men’s riding boots is height – some are quite tall, coming nearly all the way up to the knee of the wearer. Others, such as paddock boots, are significantly shorter in height and stop at the ankle area. Riding boots often feature smooth or lightly treaded soles to prevent the foot from becoming caught on stirrups in the case of a fall. At the same time, men’s riding boots are built with a raised heel to prevent feet from sliding through the stirrups unintentionally. Men’s English riding boots are traditionally made out of a smooth, sometimes soft leather, but in modern times they are also sometimes built out of synthetic materials. Cowboy boots (used in western riding) are traditionally made out of smooth leather but are occasionally made out of suede or exotic leathers like snakeskin, alligator and ostrich.

When to wear men’s riding boots

Men’s riding boots are designed to be worn specifically in riding disciplines—but some are also capable of fitting in when out of the saddle as well. Due to their sometimes sleek design, riding boots may fit into semi-formal settings and serve as a fashion statement in casual ones.

Ariat riding boots

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