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Men’s trail riding boots are a type of boot that is made to be worn during rides on trails—but due to their rugged construction, they are also commonly worn off of the horse as well.

Types of men’s trail riding boots
While they are all meant to function as horse riding boots, men’s trail riding boots can have a number of additional features that give them wider utility. In some cases, they feature waterproofing—this allows them to be more easily rinsed off if they become muddy, and protects the wearer’s feet from moisture both in rainy conditions on the trail and around the barn. Additionally, some boots for trail riding are built with a safety toe, meaning they can serve as protection from falling or rolling objects. Men’s trail riding boots are commonly made out of leather, synthetic materials, or a blend of the two. Some trail riding boots are low profile, only coming up to the ankle—but oftentimes they reach above the ankle and even to mid-calf. Lace-up construction is common, but pull on options do exist.

When to wear trail riding boots
When paired with half chaps, trail riding boots are a common horse riding choice. However, they can also sometimes serve as hiking boots. And when they’re paired with jeans and a long sleeve shirt, they can fit into casual gatherings away from the barn or trail.

Finding the best boots for trail riding

We offer a diverse collection of boots for trail riding. Whether you’re looking for a pair that can double as a steel toe work boot around the farm, or a sleek pull-on option that will look good when meeting up with friends after the ride is over, we have options that you’ll love.