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Women’s western fashion boots are a popular and eye-catching footwear choice. They come in many different styles, and they can be worn in a variety of settings.

Types of women’s western fashion boots

Women’s western boots incorporate style cues from the Wild West era of the 19th century. They are often laceless, and designed to be pulled on. They generally are made out of leather, although some incorporate synthetic materials as well. Many women’s western fashion boots feature decorative stitching or eye-catching colors on their upper section. They often are built with a raised heel. Some women’s western fashion boots have a virtually smooth sole, while others are built with a rugged tread to increase traction. While western boots are often very nice to look at, they can include practical elements as well such as waterproofing, a safety toe, or insulation. Western boots typically come up to the mid-calf, but some western boots or booties only come up to the ankle area.

When to wear women’s dress boots

Dress boots for women can be worn in casual settings with jeans, or in semi-formal and formal settings with a dress or skirt. A nice pair of western dress boots can serve as the focal point of an outfit or as a point of contrast. In some cases, dress boots can also be worn in office environments or even in outdoor work settings. Since western boots can usually be slipped on and off, they may be a convenient choice if you move back and forth between indoors and outdoors throughout your day.

Ariat’s dress boots for women

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