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Men’s shirts are designed to cover the upper body—but beyond that, they can vary widely in their specific attributes and design.

Types of men’s shirts

Men’s shirts are typically designed with either short sleeves or long sleeves—sleeveless shirts are less common, although they’re frequently worn in very hot climates. Men’s shirts are made out of a number of different natural and synthetic materials including cotton and polyester. Some shirts are built to be pulled on over the head, while others make use of button down construction. T-shirts are primarily designed to be worn untucked, while button down shirts are generally worn tucked in. Similarly, t-shirts often feature lettering or a graphic on their front while button down shirts rarely do. Men’s polo shirts include some of the elements of t-shirts and some of the elements of button down shirts: they make use of pullover construction like a t-shirt, but have the raised collar of a button down.

When to wear men’s polo shirts and dress shirts

As the name would suggest, men’s polo shirts were traditionally worn while playing polo. These days, men’s polo shirts can be worn on the golf course or at backyard gatherings when paired with slacks and a nice pair of shoes. Men’s dress shirts can fit in at many of the same types of gatherings as polos, but they can also be worn in formal settings such as weddings and important work events.

Ariat’s shirts for men

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