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Men’s work boots have been a footwear essential for centuries. While their design has evolved over the years, the enduring purpose of men’s work boots continues to be footwear that is durable, comfortable, and capable of being worn on a daily basis in a variety of weather conditions.

What are the different types of men's work boots?

While work boots are all created to be worn in active settings, men’s work boots can have a variety of different features. Some work boots are designed with a deep tread pattern and are well suited for working in soil or on soft ground. Other boots feature a shallower tread pattern and are better suited for working on hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete. While many men’s work boots use a lace-up design, some of them are available in a pull-on format. Additionally, work boots may come with built-in safety features—particularly in the toe area. Steel toe boots are a common variant, and offer a strong but heavy protective option. Aluminum toe boots are lighter in weight but offer a less strong form of protection. Carbon fiber safety toe boots provide a mix of strong protection and very lightweight construction.

When should you wear work boots?

Just like work jeans, boots are an important piece of workwear. While they are primarily designed to be worn in physical and demanding settings, they can also be worn in other places, too. With a ​button-down shirt and pair of khakis, a well-cared for pair of work boots can fit in at an informal party or get-together.

Why Ariat men's work boots?

Our work boots are extremely versatile—and they’re designed to perform. Whatever your line of work, Ariat work boots will show up every day that you do.