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Pull-on work boots are a type of work boot that makes use of a laceless, easy-on, easy-off design. Wearers can quickly slip these boots on and off when entering or leaving work settings.

Types of pull-on work boots

While pull-on work boots have a different look than many traditional work boot options, they often feature many of the same performance elements. Pull-on boots come in higher cut variants that cover much of the calf, but also lower cut designs such as Chelsea work boots. Since they’re built for demanding work environments, they commonly incorporate technology that helps with ventilation, support, stability, and traction. Many of them also feature safety elements that protect the feet from impact. Although you can take them off and put them on easily, they are made to be worn all day long.

When to wear men’s pull-on work boot

Pull-on work boots can be worn in a number of the same work settings as traditional, lace-up work boots. In cases where foot and ankle stability are of paramount importance, a lace-up boot option may be a better choice. Outside of work, pull-on work boots can also be worn in casual settings with jeans and a sweatshirt​ or semi-formal environments with jeans and a button down shirt. They sometimes feature bright colors and decorative stitching, giving you the option to make a statement both on and off the clock.

Ariat pull-on work boots

We appreciate the convenience that pull-on boots provide, and offer many different versions that incorporate safety and comfort features. These include composite toe pull-on work boots, carbon toe work boots, steel toe work boots, and many more. We offer pull-on options that vary in look from understated to stylish and everything in between.