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Cardigan sweaters for women are knitted garments that have an open front. They can be worn both open and closed—similar to a jacket. Some cardigan sweaters for women serve mainly as a fashion choice. But they can also provide warmth as an intermediate layer on cold days, or as a primary layer on cool days.

Types of cardigan sweaters for women

Cardigans are often made out of a mix of synthetic and natural materials including polyester, nylon, and wool. They’re usually made with button-up construction, but can sometimes be made with a zipper instead. Cardigan sweaters for women are made in many different colors and patterns including plaid, leopard print, and others. While some cardigans come down to around the waist and fit relatively close to the arms, others are specifically designed to be over-sized. In these cases, cardigans may be very loose through the arm and come all the way down to the lower leg—almost like a robe. Some cardigans have additional features such as pockets, or a secondary pattern on their reverse side.

When to wear a cardigan sweater

When worn with a hat, pair of jeans and booties, cardigan sweaters can serve as a stylish part of your fall wardrobe. They can be a great choice for casual activities like apple picking, going out to dinner with friends, or hosting a cocktail party. In some outdoor work settings, a cardigan can be worn under a jacket to provide warmth.

Women’s cardigan sweaters from Ariat

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