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Safety shoes are a type of footwear that is designed to protect the wearer from hazards that they might encounter during their work activities. Depending on the specific work environment that they’re meant to be used in, safety shoes can range from robust and heavy duty to relatively light and low profile.

Types of safety toe work shoes and soft toe work shoes

In many cases, safety shoes are built to protect the toe area of the foot from trauma caused by falling or rolling objects. Safety toe work shoes may incorporate carbon fiber, steel, or other materials into their construction to make them more rigid. Other safety shoes are constructed to guard against slipping, exposure to liquids, or to prevent the buildup of static electricity in potentially explosive environments.

When to wear safety shoes

While safety shoes are primarily a piece of workwearand designed to be worn in specific work environments, they can sometimes fit in off the job as well. Some safety shoes (including those used in the healthcare and restaurant industries) feature a sneaker-like look, or resemble a dress shoe or chukka, making them a possible option to wear with casualor semi-casual pants.

The right Ariat shoes for your work setting

Ariat safety shoes are built to deliver the perfect balance between looks and performance. We offer slip-on and lace-up shoes that provide all-day comfort and meet the demands of your daily grind. Maybe you’re looking for a composite toe shoe that protects your feet when in the warehouse but can blend in when you’re in the boardroom. Or, you’re after a lightweight pair of safety shoes that’ll look great with your scrubs while also allowing you to stay quick on your feet during long shifts. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.