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Men’s long sleeve shirts are a common and versatile clothing option. Depending on the situation, they can simply serve as a style substitute for short sleeves, a warmer alternative to short sleeves, or an intermediate layer with another piece of clothing on top.

Types of men’s long sleeve shirts

Men’s long sleeve shirts come in many of the same cuts and styles as short sleeve shirts. They’re often available with a v-neck collar, a crew neck collar, a turtleneck collar, a zip neck collar, or a buttoned collar. Long sleeve shirts for men can be made out of many different fabrics, but common choices include cotton, linen, polyester, rayon, and LYCRA®. When they’re meant to be worn as a warm layer that protects the lower arms, men’s long sleeve shirts can be constructed out of thick material—but long sleeve shirts are also commonly made out of light and thin fabric.

When to wear long sleeves

In an active work setting, part of the purpose of long sleeve shirts is often to protect the arms of the person wearing it—in these cases a thick and/or flame-resistant material is a good idea. On cold or chilly days, a long sleeve shirt is a great cozy option to pair with a vest—and on just slightly cool days, a men’s long sleeve shirt can serve as a lighter alternative to a sweater.

Ariat long sleeve shirts for men

Our long sleeve shirts are available in a whole range of different colors, cuts, and styles. Whether you’re looking for an FR long sleeve that can stand up to the elements and workplace hazards or a breathable, moisture-wicking layer to wear while horse riding, our shirts will find their way into your regular rotation.