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Men’s riding boots are a type of boot that is designed to be used for horse riding. Traditionally, riding boots are fairly tall in order to prevent the saddle from pinching the rider’s legs.

Types of men’s riding boots

Men’s riding boots are available in several different styles. Tall boots (which come up to just below a rider’s knee) include the specific categories of field boots, dress boots, and hunting boots. Field boots are equipped with laces in the vamp section of the boot—this increases foot comfort and flexibility when engaging in jumping disciplines. Dress boots don’t have a laced section at the ankle and are usually designed to be on the stiffer side. They are commonly worn in dressage events as well as some other disciplines. Hunting boots bear similarities to dress boots but are equipped with a cuff at the top.

When to wear riding boots

While men’s riding boots are an integral piece of English riding clothing, they can also sometimes be worn as a daring fashion choice in semi-formal settings. However, the majority of the time they are paired with a riding shirt, vest, and entire riding wardrobe.

Designing the best men’s English riding boots

At Ariat, creating innovative and high-quality riding clothing is in our DNA. We’ve been on the forefront of men’s riding boots for three decades and offer many great options that will meet all of your needs. Our Ascent Tall Riding Boot is crafted out of performance materials that provide fantastic breathability and comfort. The Heritage Contour Zip Tall Riding Boot features a premium, full-grain leather upper and elastic side panels to ensure a great mix of classic style and modern convenience. And the Nitro Max Tall Riding Boot is equipped with Shock Shield to diffuse heel impact and minimize foot fatigue.