Gift Cards


Do Ariat gift cards expire?

No, our cards never expire. Use them anytime!

Where can I use Ariat gift cards?

Both e-gift cards and physical cards can be redeemed at or Ariat Brand Stores. They can't be used at retail partner locations.

Can I use an Ariat gift card to buy sale items?

Yes, you can use your Ariat gift card to buy sale items.

Can I return my Ariat gift card for a refund?

All gift card purchases (e-gift and physical) are final sale.

When will I receive my Ariat e-gift card?

E-gift cards are typically emailed to the recipient within 6 hours. The delay is to reduce fraudulent purchases made with stolen credit cards.

Can I use alternate payment methods like Afterpay for e-gift cards?

E-gift cards can only be purchased using a credit card.

How many e-gift cards can I use in a transaction?

You can use up to 2 gift cards per transaction.

Can I use alternate payment methods if my gift card doesn't cover the full purchase price?

Yes, if your gift card doesn’t cover the full purchase price, you can use any accepted payment method to cover the difference.

Can I use a gift card to buy more gift cards?

Gift cards can only be used to purchase products, not to buy more gift cards.

What happens if I return an order purchased with a gift card?

If you return an order that was paid for with a gift card, we'll issue the refund to the email provided with the order. The refund will be in the form of a new gift card.