How to Wear Cowboy Boots in the Summer

How to Wear Cowboy Boots in the Summer

Whether your vibe is casual or formal this summer, cowboy boots are versatile enough to match any outfit. Discover our tips for styling your summer cowboy boots outfits.

Cowboy boots never go out of style. Unlike bell-bottom pants or man buns, you can trust that your boots will remain in vogue for years to come. No matter the season, cowboy boots are an “in” look, because the versatility of leather boots means they’re the rare item that’s as fashionable as they are functional.

But can you wear cowboy boots in the summer? Of course! Leather is comfortable and stylish during any season, for both men and women. Cowboy boots stay cool by design, especially with the introduction of new technologies like VentTEK™. Ariat’s VentTEK™ boot line was created for optimal cooling. Boots like the Rowder VentTEK 360° Western Boot feature 360 degrees of cooling and mesh panels to regulate temperature. VentTEK technology is also available in Ariat clothing lines.

Overall, deciding how to wear cowboy boots in the summer is a matter of preference and personal style. But creating stunning outfits for summer cowboy boots is about more than just having the right pieces.

Balance the Summer Cowboy Boots Look

Summer is a season for outdoor exploring, barbecues, and weddings, and your footwear should reflect the energy and variety of the season. There are countless cowboy boot styles, from fun to classic and low cut to high rise. If you don’t already have a favorite boot style, shop Ariat’s collection of men's cowboy boots and women’s cowboy boots to find the perfect pair.

For fashionable summer cowboy boots outfits, it’s all about finding balance between your boot and the rest of your attire. If you love a loud, colorful boot, go for it, but don’t pair it with a patterned top or bottom. When in doubt, keep it simple for color and design, and add accent pieces like jewelry or a hat to make the look stand out. Find a style or color that you love and draw that out to complement your cowboy boots.

Keep your cool and browse our outfit recommendations below for summer cowboy boots style inspiration.

How to Wear Cowboy Boots in the Summer

Summer Cowgirl Boots: Looks for Women

Cowgirl Boots with Shorts

Cutoffs and cowgirl (or cowboy) boots are a time-honored, iconic summer combination. If you’ve ever wondered, “Can you wear cowgirl boots with shorts?” you certainly can. Shorts keep you cool and allow you to move freely without worrying about exposure, but the key is making sure you select the right shorts for the right situation during the sunshine season.

If you’re going to a country concert, your jeans shorts (with pockets!) might be a good choice, but if you’re heading to a family get-together, lightweight cotton shorts will keep you looking and feeling cool and stylish. If your plans require a lot of activity or being outdoors, shorts and cowgirl boots are the perfect combination. A boot with a taller shaft works especially well when paired with shorts. We like to style our shorts with a slightly tucked blouse or collared tank for a summery and classy style.

Cowgirl Boots with Dresses

One of the best ways of wearing cowboy boots in summer is to match them with a dress. In hot weather, a light dress is an easy go-to selection that’s breezy and quick to style. Whether short or long, there are endless dress options to pair with summer cowboy boots.

A lightweight dress like the Ariat Valley Dress won’t cling no matter the temperature outside. It’s casual enough to wear to a barbecue yet nice enough for a cocktail party. The subtle embroidery adds gorgeous Western detail to tie in your boots. Let the dress do the talking for this outfit — opt for a classic brown Western cowboy boot like the Ariat Hybrid Rancher VentTEK 360 that’s equipped with powerful cooling technology so your look can outlast whatever’s in store for your summer night.

Summer Cowboy Boots: Looks for Men

Classic Boots with Denim

Men’s cowboy boots are a staple of the summer wardrobe, and denim jeans and cowboy boots go together like a cowboy and his horse. For a classic style, try wearing your cowboy boots with bootcut jeans or an athletic-style long pant that’s breathable to help keep you cool. Keep your collared shirt untucked for max airflow and add a leather belt in a complementary color to your boots.

A shirt that’s designed for hot weather can keep you fresh and dry all day long. For a good match with denim, try the Ariat VentTEK™ Classic Shirt in short sleeves. Available in a variety of summer-lovin’ colors, the shirt offers a trifecta of powerful technology to combat the heat, including VentTEK body mapping for increased airflow, SPF Protection Fabric, and Moisture Movement technology to keep you dry.

Cowboy Boots with Shorts

You might be tempted to try wearing cowboy boots in summer with shorts. While wearing cowboy boots with athletic shorts or board shorts is convenient for chores or working outdoors, fashion-forward men are better off pairing their cowboy boots with jeans for a polished look. But fashion aside, if it speaks to you and feels right, go for it! Even in the summertime, be sure to always wear socks with your cowboy boots to keep your feet comfortable and dry!

Whether you’re styling an outfit to wear with your work boots, riding boots, or your everyday boots, there’s no limit to options for summer cowboy boots outfits. With a wide collection of smart apparel and boots designed to beat the summer heat, you can browse Ariat products online to find more favorites for the season.