How to Store Cowboy Boots
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How to Store Cowboy Boots

Discover our tips on how to properly store your cowboy boots and optimize your space.

Properly storing your cowboy boots ensures they stay in top condition, ready to hit the town, ranch, or dance floor whenever you need them. So, what is the best way to store boots? In this guide, we'll walk you through all your options for effective cowboy boot storage. 

Cleaning and Preparation for Cowboy Boot Storage 

How do you keep cowboy boots fresh? Regular cleaning and maintenance are a key part of cowboy boot care. Before storing your beloved cowboy boots, it is crucial to give them a little TLC. Remove any dirt and stains accumulated during your adventures with a soft brush or damp cloth. For a deeper clean, consider using a mild leather cleaner. Once they have been cleaned and prepped, let your cowboy boots air dry completely. 

Storing Prep for Leather Cowboy Boots 

Moisture can damage the boot leather or make your cowboy boots musty. Avoid storing your leather cowboy boots in areas like a bathroom, garage, or barn. Allow your cowboy boots to dry before storing them away. After drying and cleaning, don't forget to condition and protect the leather. Apply a high-quality leather conditioner to keep the material supple and nourished. This step is particularly important for preventing cracks and ensuring the longevity of your cowboy boots. During your cleaning process, repair any scuffs on your leather boots before storing them.

Choosing the Right Cowboy Boot Storage Space   

The first decision in storing your cowboy boots is selecting the right storage space. Selecting the ideal space depends on your available room and personal preference. Here are some cowboy boot storage ideas to consider:


  • A dedicated boot section in your closest is a classic choice, keeping your boots away from humidity or moisture, or out of direct sunlight. If you have the space, keep your boots neatly lined up on the floor of your closet or use built-in shelves to organize each pair. 

Boot Rack

  • Save floor space and invest in a sturdy boot or hanging rack to prevent your boots from slouching and maintain their shape. You can purchase specialized racks for your bedroom or closet where you can hang your boots upside down. Boot racks or hanging racks can optimize your space and are excellent options for families with a variety of cowboy boots of all different shapes and sizes. For regular to mid-calf boots, we recommend utilizing a boot rack or hanging rack. 


  • Repurpose a thrifted or old bookcase into a stylish display for your favorite cowboy boots. Utilizing the different levels and shelves of a bookcase allows for easy visibility and can create a statement piece in your space. 

The Importance of Boot Inserts and Shapers 

Maintaining the shape of your cowboy boots is essential for their longevity. Invest in high-quality boot inserts or shapers to prevent wrinkles and creases. Ariat offers reliable boot trees that help maintain the form of your boots. Boot inserts for storage are an easy hack to care for your boots and save up space. 

Tall cowboy boots, like our Casanova Boot, can struggle to fit in smaller spaces or exceed the height of most boot racks. To avoid a height issue, and to minimize any creasing or slouching of your taller cowboy boots, insert boot trees inside each boot to keep them upright, support their shape, and naturally eliminate odors. 

Tall Cowgirl Boots

Cowboy Boot Storage Techniques

Make the most of your storage space with these techniques:

Boots Bags or Dust Covers 

  • Why do you need a boot bag? Boot bags offer your cowboy boots protection from dust, potential scuffs, and keep your boots easily accessible. Boot bags are also extremely useful during travel or weekend trips when you want to keep your suitcases and clothes clean. Once you store your chosen boots in your boot bag, you can place it wherever it fits in your closet. 

Long-Term Storage of Your Cowboy Boots

For extended periods of storage, follow these recommendations:

Seasonal Storage and Rotation

As the seasons change, so does our style and choice of boots and footwear. Rotating your boots seasonally can prevent leather fatigue and ensure each pair gets equal use and properly storing your cowboy boots between seasons ensure your boots remain in excellent shape when each winter rolls around. Check out our article that covers what to look for in cowboy boots for the winter

Winter Cowboy Boots

Storing Booties

  • How do you store winter boots or your flashy and fun pair in a small space? For ankle boots like our Dixon Western Boots, use boot clips or hangers to hang them on the back of a door of your closet. This prevents your booties from getting forgotten under clothes or other shoes, while also saving your precious floor space for your taller cowboy boots.

Cowgirl Booties

More Questions on How to Store Boots 

What is the best way to store your cowboy boots?

  • The best way to store cowboy boots depends on your available space and personal preference. Whether you choose a closet, boot rack, hanging rack, or bookcase, the key is to keep them clean, conditioned, and well-shaped. 

Is it ok to store leather shoes in plastic containers?

  • Yes, it is ok to store your leather boots in plastic containers, just ensure that your boots are clean and dry before storing them. 

Should I store cowboy boots in the box?

  • Storing boots in their original box is still an option. Our recommendation is that you please make sure you have cleaned your boots and provided them with rest and time to air out. Storing your cowboy boots in the original box can still be a quick and easy method to maximize your space and protect them from dust or damage. 

The best way to store your cowboy boots involves a combination of proper cleaning, quality inserts, and thoughtful organization. Ultimately, the storage solutions you choose depends on your unique space availability, and the type of cowboy boots that you are storing. By following these tips, you'll ensure your cowboy boots are ready to strut their stuff whenever you are. 


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