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Work wear is a type of clothing that is designed to be worn in work settings. Work wear can vary widely based on the type of work that is being done.

Types of work wear

In work situations where employees need to be protected from exposure to sparks, heat and flames, FR clothing is an essential piece of work wear. FR clothing is made out of fabrics that are flame resistant and are also quickly extinguished in the event that they catch fire. In terms of its outward appearance, FR clothing may look just like traditional work clothing. Work boots incorporate a number of features that make them appropriate for active settings. They are often supportive, durable, and well ventilated. They also tend to include safety features such as a reinforced toe area and a rugged, treaded sole. If they’re designed to be worn in outdoor work settings, work boots frequently include waterproofing and may be insulated as well. Work jackets are built out of durable materials—sometimes they are subdued in color, but they can also make use of bright, high-visibility colors like neon yellow or green.

When should you dress in work wear?

Depending on your occupation, certain pieces of work wear might be required. Even if they aren’t officially required, a good pair of work boots can go a long way towards preventing foot fatigue. Similarly, work jackets are usually designed to allow for a larger range of motion—so they can be a good choice in active work settings but also be helpful when doing chores around the yard.

Ariat work boots and working gear

We’re proud to offer a wide range of work wear that’s always up for the job. Whether you’re looking for specialized, flame resistant clothing or simply a pair of boots that can do it all, we’ve got you covered.