Women's Western Wedding Boots (31)

And The Bride Wore Boots

Walk down the aisle in a look that celebrates your style.

And The Bride Wore Boots
And The Bride Wore Boots

Walk down the aisle in a look that celebrates your style.

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Wedding boots are a fashion-forward type of boot that are designed to be worn by brides or members of the bridal party. They serve as a unique alternative to traditional women’s formal footwear, and are often very ornate.

Types of wedding boots

Wedding boots for brides are usually made out of full-grain leather, although they may also be constructed from exotic leather sources, or from vegan leather. Booties are a low-profile type of wedding boot that only comes up to the ankle. Cowgirl wedding boots typically come up to the mid-calf. Oftentimes, wedding boots are designed to be slipped on and off, and don’t have laces. Many wedding boots feature decorative accent colors and stitching on their upper portion. They also generally have a raised heel and minimal tread on their sole. While wedding boots for brides are often white, boots for bridesmaids may also come in a range of other colors.

Finding the right wedding boots for a bride

It’s important that wedding boots go well with the bride’s dress and accessories. This typically means white boots to match the dress, but don’t be afraid to consider silver or gold boots to serve as a strong and classy way to accent the overall look. Depending on the preference of the bride, bridesmaids may want to all wear the same type of boot, or be encouraged to choose boots that match their individual sense of style. Be sure to wear your wedding boots prior to the wedding day. That way you can ensure that they are properly broken in and you will be comfortable during the big event.

Ariat wedding boots

Find the perfect pair of wedding boots for your special day. We offer an array of options that span the range from understated to head-turning.