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Keep your working feet protected with Ariat women’s steel toe work boots. These boots boast the highest levels of protection with comfort and style in mind. Our women’s steel toe boots come in a variety of styles, including traditional Western boots, lace-up work boots and safety clogs.

When Safety is #1

Steel toe work boots keep your toes safe from falling objects, a horse misstep, or getting pierced by sharp objects. Some workers are required to wear steel toe work boots for based on occupational safety regulations or a safe-smart employer. Even if you aren’t employed in a work-heavy environment, a steel toe work boot is a good idea if safety is a primary concern. Ariat steel toe boots for women meet the highest standards for impact and compression requirements (ASTM F2413-11 MI/75 C/75 EH rated). For some jobs, women even opt for waterproof work boot to keep your feet both dry and protected.

What About Composite Toe Work Boots?

Traditionally steel toe work boots were the only option for protecting your toes. Nowadays women's composite toe work boots are becoming a popular alternative. Some jobs may require or be better suited for one boot type or another. Certain machine operators, for example, will need a steel toe. Alternatively, someone going in and out of metal detectors regularly might steer towards a composite toe for convenience. Composite is lighter than steel and does not conduct cold like metal, making it ideal for colder conditions. Ariat steel and composite toe work boots offer equivalent impact and compression protection, so the choice really comes down to what you are using them for and how the boots feel.