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Men’s long sleeve button down shirts are a timeless and useful piece of clothing. They can be worn in a wide variety of settings including for strictly fashion purposes or to protect the lower arms.

Types of men’s long sleeve button down shirts

Similar to short sleeve shirts, men’s long sleeve button down shirts come in many different fabric patterns, fits, and styles. Common fabric patterns include checks, plaid, and gingham. Some long sleeve button down shirts for men also include a secondary contrast fabric pattern on the inside of the cuffs. Long sleeve button downs may be designed to be worn tucked or untucked, and come in fits that can range from slim fit, to classic fit, to loose fit. Men’s long sleeve shirts also commonly feature two, one or no front pockets and may be offered in wrinkle free fabrics that allow for easy care and minimal ironing.

When to wear long sleeve button downs

Unlike more clearly casual clothing items (such as t-shirts), long sleeve button down shirts can fit into more formal settings—it just depends on their construction elements. For instance, long sleeve button downs that feature a slim fit and no front pockets can be a perfectly appropriate piece of semi-formal and formal wear. On the other hand, when worn with jeans an untucked button down with multiple front pockets and rugged fabric construction is a workwear staple.

Ariat long sleeve button down shirts for men

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