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FR clothing is an important component of workplace safety in many professional environments. Flame resistant (FR) clothing is designed to protect the wearer from burns that can be caused by hazards such as electric arcs, combustible dust, and flash fires. In addition to being flame resistant, FR clothing is also designed to be rapidly extinguished in the event it does catch fire. This is important because burns can happen via heat transfer even if a person’s skin isn’t exposed directly to flame—limiting the amount of time a piece of clothing is on fire can reduce overall heat transfer and chance of injury.

Types of FR clothing

FR clothing can come in many different styles while still serving the primary purpose of protection from burns. Common FR clothing garments include long and short sleeve shirts, hoodies, jackets, jeans, bibs, and even sweatpants. They are made out of fabric that has been treated with flame retardants.

When should you wear FR clothes?

In many cases, FR clothing is a safety requirement—research labs, electrical utilities, fire service, and oil and gas are all professional settings where flame resistant clothes are likely to be a necessity. However, since FR clothes can look just like traditional clothing, they can be worn in a variety of casual and semi-formal situations outside of work.
We’re proud to offer an extensive range of FR work clothing that stands up to the demands of your daily grind. We’ve designed options that are tough enough for heavy use but easy on the eyes. Fortified with innovations like DuraStretch technology, our flame resistant clothing will have you feeling limber and comfortable as you go about the day’s work. With a diverse selection of work shirts, jeans, and jackets, you’ll be safe and looking great—whatever your 9-5.