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Cowboy boot styles have evolved since Western boots first became popular with American cowboys almost 200 years ago. Despite changing fads, the two most popular Western boot styles remain the classic men’s cowboy boot and the roper boot, a work boot with a lower shaft and heel.

Classic Versus Modern Men’s Cowboy Boot

The classic cowboy boot has a high shaft to at least mid-calf, often with decorative cutouts and stitching. Originally made to endure long hours in the saddle, a true cowboy boot has an angled heel about an inch to two inches tall. The toe box, traditionally durable enough to withstand a horse misstep, is usually pointed or rounded. The traditional men’s Western boots are ideal for the ranch, rodeo, or good old Western fashion. Modern cowboy boots for men cover a wide range of styles and toe shapes, including square toe cowboy boots, round toe cowboy boots, wide square toe, R toe, and Cutter toe.

Getting the Right Fit

  1. When trying on your cowboy boots, be sure to wear boot socks, or another sock you will regularly wear with your boots.
  2. After sliding the boots on, be sure the balls of your feet are resting in the widest part of the boot. If the boot is the right fit, they should feel comfortable with a little pressure across the top. You can check the length by putting your thumb horizontally across the top. You should feel your big toe beneath your thumb, any more or less room and you may need to size down or up.
  3. Now try walking in your cowboy boots. You will feel some slippage, about a quarter to a half of an inch of space between your heel and the insole. As the leather and insole break in, this slippage will lessen and the boots will feel like they were made for you.

Technology and Comfort

Regardless of which style you choose, your Ariat men’s cowboy boots are built for lasting performance and durability. Our footbed technology, such as 4LR™ or ATS®, provides outstanding support to cushion and stabilize your feet all day. You have a range out outsole choices too, depending on your needs, from authentic leather with extended durability, to rubber blends like TPR and Pro Crepe® outsoles for lightweight cushioning and slip-resistant tread that lasts.