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Men’s western shirts are a very versatile and common piece of clothing. Because they can vary widely in terms of their style and design, they never go out of fashion—and continue to have utility in a variety of work and formal settings.

Types of men’s western shirts

Clothing companies have been designing button down shirts for men for well over 100 years. Some style elements have changed over time while others have remained a constant. Many men’s western shirts are specifically designed to be worn tucked—but some may be worn either tucked or untucked. Casual and formal men’s western shirts are often made of lightweight materials and may not have any pockets sewn onto them. Utility button down shirts are commonly constructed out of more rugged material and can feature several pockets that can be buttoned and unbuttoned.

When should you wear a button down shirt?

Button down shirts can be worn in virtually any type of setting—it just comes down to their fit, fabric and intended purpose. For example, a fitted, formal button down shirt is often worn with a suit at weddings or other special gatherings. A looser-fitting utility shirt or shirt jacket made out of a thick and rugged fabric can be worn with jeans and sneakers and fit in well in an informal indoor/outdoor work environment.

Designing the best button down shirts for men

At Ariat, we believe the best button down shirt is the one that perfectly fits the task it’s been designed for—and the person who’s wearing it. We offer a wide range of men’s western shirts that come in several fits and fabrics. Whether you’re looking for a no-fuss wrinkle-free work shirt for the office, or an FR shirt that meets the demands of outdoor work, we’ve got you covered.