Jackie Hobbs-Crawford
Jackie Hobbs-Crawford
Jackie Hobbs-Crawford

Stephenville, TX​

All-Around Cowgirl ​

19 World Championship titles: Women's Professional Rodeo Association​

​“If you want something, find a way to do it”​

Biggest accomplishment:

Becoming a mom! ​ Being the first female breakaway roper to win $50,000 dollars at a single event at the WCRA’s Windy City Roundup in Chicago. ​

Biggest challenge:

To make a living with a rope, as a woman. ​

What does “bring it" mean to you?

Day in and day out, giving it all you have. Bringing your all everywhere you go, whatever you do. Never giving up. ​

What is your most memorable “bring it” moment in your career?

At the Chicago WCRA I was in the top 2, going second, so I knew exactly what time I needed to win. I drew a calf I knew would be challenging, but I still got it done!​

What does it take to “bring it” every day?

Lots of heart, grit, determination.

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