What are the Best Riding Breeches?

Looking for the perfect breeches for English riding? Explore our best-selling breeches that will help keep you comfortable and looking stylish for years to come.

When it comes to English riding, having the right gear can make all the difference. Breeches play a crucial role in keeping you comfortable, moving freely and helping you look polished. 

Different Types of Breeches

There are two main styles of breeches: full seat and knee patch. The primary difference between these two is where the “grip” is integrated into the fabric. 

The answer is in the names of each: full seat breeches have grip that starts at the knee, runs along the inner thigh and ends at the seat. The grip on knee patch breeches is at the knee only. The trends of your discipline and your personal preferences dictate which style you should choose. 

Our best-selling riding breeches combine functionality and comfort with styles that will take your riding to new heights. We've selected a few of our favorites below to help you choose which breeches will be your best fit. 

Ariat Prelude Breeches

Our best breeches for entry-level riders

Crafted from our four-way performance stretch fabric and powered by moisture-wicking technology, our Ariat Prelude Breeches deliver outstanding flexibility and comfort in and out of the saddle.

This versatile design is packed with features, like our Core Control Technology® that provides targeted support for core muscles and our Calf Fit System for custom support of your calf and ankle, alleviating pressure points and friction. Paired with Ariat® Hex Silicone Grip for optimal grip and handy pockets, it's a great choice for every day riding. Prelude comes in a variety of colors, as well as in both a Full Seat and a Knee Patch option. 

Ariat Tri Factor Grip Breeches 

Our most technically advanced breeches

For riders who prioritize technical features, our Tri Factor Grip Breech is our top choice. Powered by our moisture-wicking and cooling technologies, these breeches keep you comfortable even in the hottest conditions. The slimming, compressive fabric supports your muscles, reducing fatigue during long training rides. We also added a wide waistband that flatters and gently hugs your waist. The high-performance option delivers on both style and performance, and is available in a variety of colors for both training and show, as well as in both Knee Patch and Full Seat options. 


Ariat Tri Factor Frost Insulated Breeches 

A must-have for winter riding 

Keep your motivation high through the winter months with the Ariat Tri Factor Frost Insulated Breech

Crafted with soft, incredibly warm fleece fabric, this breech is built to perform in wintry weather. We gave it the same just-right grip, stretch and durability you expect from us, and added a wind-resistant outer layer that keeps you warm and protected from harsh winter elements. Riders can choose between the Full Seat Silhouette and the Knee Patch, depending on style preferences.






Closing Thoughts 

Investing in high-quality breeches is essential for English riding, and we offer a range of options to meet your needs. Crafted with top-quality fabrics and advanced technologies, our breeches help you look and perform at your best. With a variety of colors, lengths and rises available, we cater to riders of all sizes, styles and disciplines, ensuring the perfect fit for everyone. 


How do you clean a riding breech?

Every brand has recommended care instructions, so be sure to check the care label on every pair of breeches you purchase. Ariat breeches should be turned inside-out before you machine wash them on a gentle cycle, and then laid flat to dry. If your saddle has discolored your white or tan breeches, we recommend pre-soaking them in your favorite stain-remover before washing. 

What is the difference between riding tights and breeches?

Built from stretchy fabric and designed with a pull-on, elastic waistband, riding tights, also called riding leggings, are usually similar in fit to a pair of athletic tights. They are the style of choice for endurance riders, and are often what riders gravitate toward on warmer training days. Breeches are typically the most popular choice for clinics and competitions since they have a polished look, with a traditional front fly closure, belt loops, and more structured material. 

What is the difference between knee grip and full seat breeches? 

The primary difference between these two styles is where the “grip” is. Popular with eventers, dressage riders, and those who are looking for extra “stick,” full seat breeches have grip that starts at the knee, runs along the inner thigh, and ends at the seat. The grip on knee patch breeches is at the knee only and is usually the top choice for hunter, jumper, and equitation riders


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