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José Vitor Leme

A conversation with Ariat Athlete and 2020 PBR World Champion.

Ribas do Rios, Prado, Brazil 

PBR Bull Rider

2020 PBR World Champion

Biggest Accomplishment: 

Winning the PBR finals in 2017 which opened the door for me to continue as a Professional Bull Rider. 

Biggest Challenge: 

Making the decision to live far away from my family in Brazil to follow my dream in America.

What does “bring it” mean to you?

This phrase define who I am. I have always focused on my goals and worked as hard as I can to reach them. It's a combination of the talent I was blessed with, my hard work and my connection to something greater than myself. 

What was the most “bring it” moment in your career?

There are many - my daily workouts where my body aches and I think I can't do more and then I do. It's knowing how to compete, it's getting back on the bull when it feels hard. It's making sure I have balance in my life and always focusing on what is important. 

What does it take to “bring it” every day? 

It takes dedication, tremendous willpower, hard work, and having a goal in life to always improve and always give it your best. This applies not only in your work but in everything you do.

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