The Best Farm Boots for Women
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The Best Farm Boots for Women

The best farm boots for women are those that can handle dynamic working conditions — and look good doing it.

The work performed on a farm or ranch can be tiring, demanding, and dynamic – so it’s important that your feet are snugly laced up in the best farm boots possible. Let’s go over the footwear features that you should be aware of when choosing a pair of farm boots, and then take a look at Ariat’s best farm boots for women.

Finding the Right Fit

Before all else, the best farm boots for women are the ones that fit properly. Fit is an extremely important part of choosing farm boots because they’re used in very active settings. A poorly fitting boot can result in blisters, foot fatigue, and a lower level of foot comfort.

When shopping for boots, it’s best to try them on in the afternoon. This is because our feet naturally swell over the course of the day – so by trying boots on later in the day, you ensure that they’ll provide a good snug fit for your feet all day long without becoming too tight.

Additionally, when trying on farm boots, make sure that you’re wearing the socks that you plan on wearing daily. If you’re ordering boots online, it’s a good idea to measure your foot length and calf width, as sizing may vary from one brand to the next. Check out the Ariat sizing guide to make sure you end up with a nice and snug fit.


Waterproofing in a boot is an advantage when doing chores around the farm. In addition to preventing your feet from getting wet, waterproof boots are often easier to clean after the work is done as they can be hosed down to remove dirt and mud.

Tread and Support

Make sure that the outsoles of your farm boots provides a high level of traction and support. Inadequate traction will leave you at a disadvantage in wet, muddy, or snowy conditions, and poor support can lead to foot fatigue and foot ailments down the line.


Farm work doesn’t take cold days off, and so neither should your farm boots! If you live in a climate where you sometimes have to contend with cold weather, consider a pair of farm boots with built-in insulation. Depending on how cold it gets in your area, you may want to try on farm boots with a couple of different thicknesses of socks to ensure you’ll be warm enough at all times.


The best farm boots for women put functionality first (you’ll be using them in a work setting after all), but style is certainly something you’ll probably want to consider. You’ll be wearing these boots on a regular basis, so you should be happy with how they look. Plus, farm boots can be a versatile piece of footwear outside of the barn – so if you think you’ll also be wearing them riding or out of the house, consider which boot height (short/medium/tall) and material (leather vs. synthetic) you’re most interested in.

Ariat’s Best Farm Boots for Women

Here’s a breakdown of some of the best farm boots for women that we offer, as well as their standout features.

BootAbout the BootsWaterproofVentilatedDuratreadLeather
Hybrid Rancher Western BootEquipped with our Duratread insole, this boot provides the comfort and performance you need - and looks good doing it.NoNoYesYes
Hybrid Rancher Waterproof Western BootA stylish, stirrup-friendly, waterproof boot.YesNoYesYes
Anthem IIA classic style and durable design make these boots equally comfortable on the farm or around town.NoYesYesYes
Anthem Shortie II Waterproof Western BootA short shaft version of our Anthem II Boots, the Shortie provides waterproofing as well as a proportional and flattering fit.YesYesYesYes
Anthem VentTek Western BootAll-day style and comfort are trademarks of our Anthem boot – and mesh panels on this model enhance breathability during hot weather.NoNoYesYes
Fatbaby Heritage Western BootFarm-friendly design and playful feather stitching help this boot bring a little personality to every setting.NoNoYesYes

Need additional assistance finding the right pair of farm boots? Visit our help center, or get in touch with us.