30 Years of Dreaming Big

30 Years of Dreaming Big

We’ve done a lot in three decades—and it’s all thanks to you! We’re celebrating with a look back at the people, products, and passion that have defined our journey.

In the world of footwear and apparel, Ariat has stood the test of time for three incredible decades. As we mark our 30th anniversary, we’re taking a walk down memory lane, revisiting the people, products, and passion that have defined Ariat since our first boot launched in 1993. It's a celebration of 30 years of dreaming big – and many more to come.

1993 - Heritage Paddock

In 1993, Ariat introduced the Heritage Paddock, setting the standard for superior craftsmanship and advanced technology. These boots were designed to provide both comfort and durability, making them a favorite among riders and enthusiasts alike.

1998 – Work Boots

Ariat's commitment to quality continued in 1998 with the introduction of our Work Boots. These boots were built to withstand the rigors of the job, offering stability, durability, and unmatched comfort for hardworking individuals in various industries.

2001 – Fatbaby®

In 2001, Ariat introduced the vibrant and bold Fatbaby®, a pull-on-and-go boot that captured the hearts of cowgirls of all ages. With their unique style and undeniable comfort, Fatbaby® boots became an instant classic and are still a fan-favorite today.

2003 – Softshell

Ariat's commitment to innovation led to the introduction of the Softshell in 2003. This enduring classic was reinvented for improved performance and comfort, making it a favorite choice for riders and outdoor enthusiasts.

2010 – Denim

This year brought the launch of Ariat's Denim collection, featuring fits that you'll love. These jeans were designed with riders in mind, offering styles that were perfect for the saddle and beyond. Since then, our denim offering has expanded to include a variety of styles and fits.

2014 - DuraCanvas Jacket

For all-day comfort and durability on the jobsite, Ariat introduced the DuraCanvas Jacket in 2014. It quickly became a go-to choice for those seeking both functionality and style.

2018 - Shock Shield®

Ariat's dedication to innovation was on full display in 2018 with the introduction of Shock Shield® technology in boots. This revolutionary advancement diffuses impact and minimizes fatigue, providing unmatched comfort for long days on your feet.

2023 - Scrubs

In 1993, we began crafting the world's best-fitting and most technically advanced gear for people in motion, whether on a horse or on the job. This year, we introduced Ariat Scrubs to extend our legacy of unprecedented fit and innovation to the caregivers of the world.

Credit: Bettmann via Getty Images

Each of these classic Ariat products has played a vital role in our journey – as well as yours.

Since the beginning, Ariat has been there for countless customers during memorable moments. From birthdays, proms, and graduations to engagements and weddings, our products have been a part of some special days. They’ve also been your trusted companions on unforgettable journeys, whether exploring new places or visiting loved ones. They've kept you stylish during your day-to-day life, country concerts, and special occasions. They've been your trusted companions as you rode horses around the world, cared for your beloved animals, and fearlessly competed at rodeo event (even when you got bucked off a bull). They've protected you, helped you build, and provided support during demanding workdays. No matter the moment, Ariat has been there every step of the way.

Here are some memories you've shared with us over the years:

Anne D. got her therapeutic riding teaching certificate in her Ariat boots.

Ashley F. got her first pair in Nashville and has Ashley McBryde’s autograph on the right one.

Christina F. tackled the Alaskan wilderness wearing everything Ariat.

Jennifer T. fondly remembers wearing Ariat boots on horseback while exploring breathtaking landscapes around the U.S.

Kara L. held her son for the first time wearing her cherished boots and later wore them to court when his adoption was made official.

Rob M.’s son wore Ariat boots on his first day of school.

Brad S. took over his father’s welding business and wears Ariat Workwear every day on the job. He shared that our boots keep him protected while he welds buildings to keep others safe.

Kim S. exemplified the Ariat spirit by lending a helping hand to a community devastated by a tornado.

Nathan P. was wearing boots and a diaper in his first photo as a baby.

Patrick F. took horseback riding lessons with his kids and all of them wore Ariat boots.

Rivers L. has been watching his daughter develop a passion for barrel racing, and she always wears Ariat boots when practicing and competing.

These heartwarming stories are just a few of the memories shared with us throughout the years. Many of you have grown up with Ariat, and now, you're passing the legacy down to the next generation. Thank you for being part of our journey and making each step a memorable one. We look forward to the years to come!