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Trevor Brazile

A conversation with Ariat Athlete and the most decorated PRCA Cowboy in history with 26 world champion titles.

Decatur, Texas 

The All-Around Cowboy 

Most decorated PRCA Cowboy in history with 26 world champion titles.

“Be Relentless”

Biggest Accomplishment

Reaching my goal of surpassing Ty Murray's All-Around record. My work ethic surpassed my physical capabilities. I won more than anyone thought I could; more than I was “supposed to.” 

Biggest Challenge:

Having to be at your best even when you're injured. I've competed with ruptured disks and roped with torn ligaments. You have to compete hurt. You don't get points for just coming off the sideline. It's not like most sports where you just have to be on the roster. Nobody picks up the slack for you. One year I tore my MCL in the 9th round at NFR and I had to compete int eh 10h round hurt. I got things done and won the gold buckle.

What does “Bring it” mean to you?

“Bring it” means not just on weekends, not just when the lights are on, but to “bring it” every day when nobody's watching because it's going to pay off later. 

What was the most “bring it” moment in your career? 

Most memorable “bring it” moments are have-to-win scenarios. In 2018, after I announced my retirement, in the 10the and final round, I had to win the round in order to clinch the All-Around. It was the last calf I ever ran out there, and it was all on the line in that one run. Have-to-win scenarios ike that are the “bring it” moments. But it's the by-product of “bringing it” the rest of the time in the practice pen. True “bring it” moments change you one way or another… it's either heartbreak or celebration. 



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