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6 Ways to Make Your Boots More Comfortable

The perfect pair of boots do more than look great — they have to be comfortable to wear all day. Browse our guide to learn how to find the most comfortable boots for women and men.

Without comfortable boots, your day probably feels as long as your shot at winning the lottery. Thankfully, there are a few ways to create the comfy boots that you’re longing for. Check out our six tips to get your boots so comfortable you’ll never want to take them off.

1. Break in Your Boots

The most comfortable boots are thoroughly broken in. A good pair of broken-in boots will conform to your feet, making walking, running and standing throughout the day much more comfortable. As your boots age and continue to break in, the materials become more pliable, giving them less resistance and allowing them to move with you. Try the steps below for comfortable boots with that broken-in feel.

  • Wear them regularly. The easiest way to break in boots is through frequent wear. The breaking-in process can take a few days or weeks, depending on the boots and what you do while wearing them. Start with an hour or two and build up to a full day.
  • Wear them with two pairs of socks. As long as it doesn’t cause discomfort, you can wear your boots for a few hours a day with two pairs of socks. The bulk of the extra padding helps stretch and break in your boots more rapidly than typical single-sock wear.
  • Gently apply heat to leather boots. This is a go-to tip for how to make leather boots more comfortable. For most leather boots, you can use a hairdryer on low heat to gently encourage the leather to stretch and shape to your foot and leg. Put your boots inside a boot tree and carefully apply heat in three-second intervals, feeling the boots with your hand in between passes. Stop heating the boots before they’re hot to the touch, as going any hotter will damage the boots. Increase the tension on the boot tree once the boots are warmed up and let them cool back down to room temperature.

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2. Swap Insoles

Whether you’re looking for the most comfortable cowboy boots or you’re after advice on how to make boots more comfortable, changing out the insole is one of the top ways to create ultimate comfort. Especially with well-loved boots, the once-buoyant foam insole is compressed over time into a wafer-thin layer that no longer provides quality support. Changing the insoles in your boots is a fast and affordable way to add cushioning for your heels and arches.

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3. Switch Up Your Laces

Relieve pressure points by switching up the lace pattern on your lace-up boots. Instead of using a standard criss-cross lace pattern, try another style of lacing like the Army Method to create additional space and alleviate pressure in the top of your foot, heel, arch and toes.

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4. Store with Care

When stored properly, your boots keep their shape better and last longer. Boots with a long shaft can collapse and wrinkle between uses and become rigid and uncomfortable. This can be avoided with a boot tree that goes inside the shaft of your boots and applies tension so that the shaft maintains its shape. For long-lasting comfort, keep your boots indoors with a boot tree when not in use.

Care Tip: Properly cleaning cowboy boots and polishing leather boots are critical care steps that increase longevity and keep your boots pliable and comfortable over time.

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5. Remember to Resole

Support in the sole of your boots is critical for comfort. The soles on your boots take the brunt of the damage from years of use and abuse. With most high-end boots, a professional can remove and resole an old pair of boots that have holes in them or are just uneven and uncomfortable to walk on.

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6. Shop for Comfort

If your old boots have reached the end of their useful lifespan, consider a new pair designed for superior comfort. Modern technology ensures that a well-made pair of quality boots are comfortable right out of the box. Most comfortable Western work boots and comfortable leather boots should be purchased from reputable brands like Ariat, an industry leader in boot design.

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