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Introducing Ariat Reboot: Buy and Sell Pre-Loved Ariat

World-class design and craftsmanship means every Ariat boot is built to last. Ariat Reboot makes it easy to sell and shop secondhand, helping our boots stay where they belong: in the stirrup, on the ranch, or by the door, waiting for their next adventure.

Are you ready to part ways with your trusted pair of Ariat boots and find a new companion for your next adventures? Or perhaps you’re looking to make some space in your closet for the latest trends and styles you've been eyeing?

Now, you can give your worn-out Ariat boots a new life and make room for a new pair with our new program, Reboot.

At Ariat, we take our responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable world seriously. Since our first boot launched in 1993, we’ve been dedicated to crafting boots that stand the test of time by using durable materials and construction methods known for their longevity. Now, we are excited to partner with resale platform Archive to launch Reboot, a website that offers you the chance to buy and sell pre-owned Ariat boots.

With Reboot, our goal is to keep our boots where they belong: in the stirrup, on the ranch, or by the door, waiting for their next adventure. Our site makes it easy to give your pre-loved boots a new home and purchase a pair with a unique story of their own.

Luckily, reselling with us is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Find your item by style number or keyword. Fill out a condition report and add any comments and photos. We will then review the listing and approve it before adding it to the Reboot site.
  2. When your item sells, use your prepaid shipping label to pop it in the mail.
  3. Once the buyer receives your item, you will receive your payment. Sellers can receive 70% of the listing price in cash for their sold pair of boots.

Reboot also offers the ability to easily browse and purchase pre-worn English and Western boots in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. You can save money on a pair of Ariat boots without sacrificing quality and craftsmanship.

“As a consumer, one of the most environmentally impactful practices you can adopt is to be considerate with your purchases,” said Roxanne Woodward, our Director of Compliance and Sustainability. “Buy products that are made well and then take care of them, so they last.”

At Ariat, our sustainability efforts begin long before Reboot. Every day, we strive to create durable and high-quality products to ensure you can wear your Ariat gear hard, and wear it longer, reducing materials that end up in landfills.

"We are committed to creating products that last with materials that are sourced in a responsible way,” said Hollin Norwood, our Senior Director of Western Footwear Design. “Reboot allows multiple wearers to experience the quality craftsmanship in every pair of Ariat boots.”

Ariat's commitment to quality is evident in our lengthy boot-making process, which involves countless teams and vetting of every component.

"It's hard to make shoes. It’s even harder to make good ones,” said Norwood. “In one pair of Ariat boots, there were 1,000 things we took into consideration while crafting them.”

World-class design and craftsmanship mean every Ariat boot is built to last. Even with this high level of craftsmanship, boots will eventually show signs of wear. However, that doesn’t mean they should be thrown out. According to a recent Reuse Report from GlobalData, 1.6 billion products that were actually fit for resale were thrown out in 2020.

“If you have outgrown an item, attempt to rehome it. If you have worn something beyond its useful life, find a responsible way to dispose of it,” said Woodward. “By reselling a garment or a pair of boots, you’re eliminating all the resources it would have taken to create a new item.”

That’s where Reboot comes in – buying and selling pre-loved means Ariat boots stay in use and out of landfills. While Reboot’s environmental impact has yet to be quantified, any statistics from similar resale sites are staggering. Ultimately, buying and selling pre-worn items, like Ariat boots, eliminates all the resources it would take to create a new product and plays a vital role in creating a more sustainable world.

Reboot is not only good for the planet – it’s also good for your wallet.

“Reboot is a great way for us to continue building our Ariat community and provide our customers with a sustainable and more affordable way to enjoy our boots,” said Woodward. “We are excited to see how the program grows and the impact it will have on the land on which we work and play.”

When you buy or sell your boots on Reboot, you're not just making a sale, you're giving someone else the joy of owning a pair of Ariat boots—and helping us create a more sustainable future.

Click here to visit Reboot.

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