How to Sew a Hole in Your Jeans

How to Sew a Hole in Your Jeans

How to Sew a Hole in Your Jeans

Repairing holes or tears in your jeans can be easy with some simple sewing techniques. Learn how to sew a hole in your jeans so you can wear your favorite pair again.


Difficulty Level: Easy to medium

What You’ll Need: Denim, scissors, jeans, pins, thread, fabric

How To:

  1. Turn the garment inside out and make sure it’s lying flat.

  2. Place your fabric scrap over the tear and pin in place.

  3. Turn the garment right side out and trim the extra threads off the tear. Use medium stitches to sew in place around the tear.

  4. Make smaller stitches going in the other direction across the patched area (these should be in a back-and-forth pattern). Work your stitches across the entire hole until it’s fully covered.

  5. Now, try on your jeans to make sure there are no spots you missed.

Now, you can keep sporting your same favorite pair without any holes. Be sure to tag us in pictures of your finished pair using #myAriat.