How to Patch Jeans

How to Patch Jeans

How to Patch Jeans

Refresh an old favorite pair of denim with some sew-on patches. All you need are a few tools and some simple sewing techniques.


We’ve all had a beloved pair of denim that we can’t bring ourselves to get rid of, even when rips and tears arise. But you can easily refresh an old favorite pair with some simple upcycling techniques. All you need are a few materials, and soon you’ll be able to sport your favorite pair again. Here’s how you can patch your jeans and breathe new life into a pre-loved pair of denim.

Difficulty Level: Easy

What You’ll Need: Ripped denim, old shirts, pins, scissors, needle, thread

How To:

  1. Cut some shapes out of your old shirts. You can stick to classic squares, or switch it up with hearts, stars, or other shapes.

  2. When cutting the shapes out of your old shirts, be sure to trim carefully so the fabric shapes have clean edges. Fold in the edges of your fabric to avoid the pieces fraying.

  3. Place your cut fabric pieces either under or over the rips, depending on the look you prefer.

  4. Pin the fabric pieces in place and stitch around the edges. Repeat until the holes are covered with patches.

We hope you like your patched pair of jeans! Be sure to tag us with pictures of your finished pair using #myAriat.