How to Clean Muck Boots
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How to Clean Muck Boots

Wondering how to clean muck boots? We’re here to help.

Traditionally called “Wellington” boots in England, muck boots are a staple for horseback riders. Spending time in and around the stable calls for a durable, waterproof boot that can stand up to mud and inclement weather – and this is where muck boots shine. Since muck boots are often the go-to for dirty work, it’s also important that they’re easy to clean after use. Luckily, the waterproof exterior on muck boots allows them to be cleaned with minimal fuss. Our Barnyard Lace Waterproof Boot and Kelmarsh Rubber Boot are great examples of the convenience of waterproofing. While the Barnyard Lace is a fashionable hiking boot on the surface, its waterproof construction allows it to function very well as a muck boot, too. The Kelmarsh Rubber Boot is a traditional welly made from fortified rubber and is designed to keep you dry from day-to-day chores. Let’s take a look at how to clean muck boots, how to clean the inside of muck boots, and explore some of Ariat’s muck-friendly boots.

Common Questions About Cleaning Muck Boots

How to Clean Muck Boots

  1. Bring your boots outside or to a mess-friendly area of your barn or garage.
  2. Using a hose or spray bottle, carefully spray down the outside of your boots with water.
  3. If dirt is still stuck on the boots after they’ve been sprayed, add a few drops of dish soap to some warm water and wipe down the outside of the boots with a clean rag. Avoid using more aggressive cleaning solvents that include alcohol as these can potentially cause damage to some boot materials.
  4. Some stubborn dirt still stuck on? Use a soft-bristled brush (an old toothbrush will do in a pinch) to gently spot treat these areas and remove any remaining dirt.
  5. Once all mud and muck has been successfully loosened, finish up with a quick spray of water to rinse off the boots and then set them aside in a dry environment.

How to Clean the Inside of Muck Boots

Choosing a boot with a moisture-wicking lining (like our Terrain Waterproof Boot) is a great way to limit moisture and odor buildup. While the outside of muck boots are destined to get dirty, the insides will inevitably need some love from time to time as well. Here’s how to clean the inside of muck boots.

  1. Combine one part water and one part distilled vinegar in a spray bottle. The vinegar mixture may smell strongly at this point, but there’s nothing to worry about – it’ll lose its odor as it dries and is actually useful for neutralizing odors.
  2. Lightly spray the inside of the boot with your cleaning mixture. Then, take a rag and wipe the entire interior of the boot, starting at the toe and working back towards the heel.

How Do You Dry the Inside of Muck Boots?

To dry the inside of muck boots, crumple up a piece of newspaper and push it gently into the toe of the boot – allowing enough space for air to still circulate through the boot. Then, flip the boots so they’re upside down and leave them in a dry environment until all the moisture escapes. Drying time can vary based on boot material. If your busy stable schedule makes speedy cleaning and drying a priority for you, the Terrain Pull On Waterproof Boot may be a great option. Its waterproof outer and moisture-wicking lining help to make it a quicker boot to clean dry.

How Do You Remove Odors From Muck Boots?

While cleaning the interior of your muck boots with a distilled vinegar solution will help to dispel odors, it’s possible you may need to do a follow-up deodorizing. If so, pour baking soda into a pair of old socks and carefully place the socks in your boots overnight. Remove the socks the next morning, then take your boots outside, turn them upside down, and gently tap them together to remove any traces of baking soda that may have sifted through the socks. If necessary, follow up with a quick vacuuming of the boots’ interior. For proactive boot deodorizing, consider purchasing some cedar sachet bags to leave in the boots when they’re not in use. Cedar sachets will help to remove moisture from your boots as well.

Now you know how to clean muck boots and how to clean the inside of muck boots! If you have additional questions about muck boots, we have additional answers. Click here to learn more about muck boots – or, learn more about muck boot waterproofing here.