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5 Amazing Cowboy Boot Outfits for Women

The options for stylish cowboy boot outfits seem limitless—and even a little overwhelming. Learn more here on how to create stunning outfits with cowboy boots.

Cowboy boots have been fashionable as far back as the 1920s. In part due to the glitz and glam of big hair bands and pop culture icons, cowboy boots made an especially strong resurgence in the 1980s. Designers took notice and started making boots that were more fashion oriented than those of the past. Today cowboy boots can be adorned with intricate embroidery or studs or accented with multicolored leather, making for very fashion-forward cowboy boot outfits.

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Cowboy Boots Outfits With Jeans

Cowboy boots and jeans have been a match made in heaven since the late 1800s. Bring your outfit with cowboy boots into 2020 with a dark pair of skinny jeans, cowboy boots with a tall shaft, and your favorite T-shirt for a casual look you can wear anywhere. If you want to dress it up a little, try a flowy vest over a simple top for a comfortable yet fashionable look.

Cowgirl Booties With Distressed Jeans

Distressed jeans started gaining popularity in the 1970s and have only gotten more popular as manufacturers have figured out how to distress jeans without sacrificing durability. Cowgirl booties are often adorned with studs and elegant stitching, so when choosing your cowboy boots outfit, don’t be afraid to wear a bold top or jacket with your distressed jeans and cowgirl booties. Accessorize with stacked bracelets and your favorite pair of earrings for an eye-catching style that turns heads day or night.

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The Western-Inspired Rock ’n’ Roll Cowgirl

Creating stunning outfits with cowboy boots is very much about fusing different styles and cultures. Since the 1980s, rock ’n’ roll has taken fashion inspiration from the Wild West. You can thank musicians from both rock and country genres for reaching across the aisle for style advice. Add a bit of edge to a pair of jeans or cutoffs with cowgirl boots and your favorite band T-shirt. Finish off this cowboy boot outfit with lightly teased hair and dark eyeliner for a stage-ready look.

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Cowgirl Boot Outfits With Skirts

Cowgirl boots and skirts make for a fun summertime outfit. Wear a skirt with Western-inspired patterns and colors (embroidery, paisley print, geometric designs) and a simple top for an easygoing and casual ensemble. Or try a Western-inspired shirt with a neutral skirt. If you want to avoid looking too Western, shy away from wearing denim skirts and opt for a boldly colored one instead, paired with a matching belt and solid-colored blouse.

What Dresses Go With Cowboy Boots?

For slightly fancier occasions, these types of dresses go well with cowboy boots:

  • Midi dress
  • Off-the-shoulder dress
  • High-low dress
  • Shirt dress
  • Bell-sleeve dress
  • Strapless dress
  • Sundress

Women have been adding Western flair to their style for years by pairing all kinds of outfits with cowboy boots. Wearing cowgirl boots with dresses or skirts is no different. Simply slip on your favorite pair of cowboy boots with a midi dress or sundress for an effortless look.

Don’t be afraid to show off your boots! Wear them confidently and let them be the centerpiece of your outfit. Wearing cowboy boots with your favorite outfits is a fun way to liven up your wardrobe and give it a little Western flair.