The Best Farm Boots for Men
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The Best Farm Boots for Men

The best men’s farm boots are those that can handle dynamic working conditions — and look sharp doing it.

Farm work requires stamina and flexibility – which is why it’s so important that your footwear is up to the task. The right pair of farm boots will support you every step of the way, while an inferior pair can make chores more difficult than they need to be. So what are the best farm boots for men? Let’s walk through the features that you’ll want to consider when buying your next pair of boots, and then look at some of Ariat’s best men’s farm boots.

The Best Men’s Farm Boots: Finding the Right Fit

Farm boots have to thrive in dynamic working conditions and be worn for long hours, so fit is a particularly important consideration. Wearing a pair of poorly- fitting farm boots can lead to foot fatigue, blisters, and discomfort throughout your workday. The best farm boots for men are the ones that fit you snuggly.

When shopping for boots, make sure to try them on in the afternoon or evening. Since our feet naturally swell and “get bigger” throughout the day, you want to see how boots fit when your feet are at their largest. If they fit you late in the day, they’ll fit you early in the day – but not necessarily vice versa. Be sure to also bring along whatever style of socks you plan on wearing with the boots on a regular basis. This way, you can make sure your boots will fit comfortably with socks on. Not all boot sizing is alike. So if you’ll be ordering boots online instead of going to the store, measure your feet and calves and then compare your stats to the boot manufacturer’s sizing chart. Interested in Ariat’s best men’s farm boots? Check out our sizing chart before ordering to make sure you end up with a snug, comfortable fit.


Some of the best farm boots for men feature a waterproof exterior – this can be particularly helpful during wet or rainy days on the ranch or farm. In addition to keeping your feet dry, waterproofing has a second advantage: when it comes time to clean off your boots at the end of the day, boots with a waterproof exterior can be hosed off, making mud and dirt removal easier.


The best men’s farm boots will carry you happily throughout your day – but you’ll also be carrying them all day. You’ll want to make sure that they’re substantial and durable enough to keep your feet protected, but light enough so your legs and feet won’t get more tired than necessary.

Tread and Support

Farm and ranch work can involve slippery and uneven surfaces. Plus, some tasks have to be performed even in snowy or muddy conditions. The best men’s farm boots provide enough traction to keep you sure-footed, and enough support to be worn all day long. Ariat farm boots also offer oil- and slip-resisting Duratread™ outsoles.

Insulation and Ventilation If you live in an area that experiences periods of cold weather, it may be a good idea to consider a pair of farm boots that are insulated. You might also want to ensure that your farm boots have enough room for thicker socks on cold weather days. Conversely, if you live in a hotter climate, it’s important to make sure your boots provide adequate ventilation and will keep you cool enough.


Once you’ve found a pair of farm boots that meet your work criteria, we think it’s a good idea to like how they look! You’ll be wearing these boots a lot, so you should take pride in them. Farm boots’ versatility allows them to be worn in a variety of settings too – so if you plan on keeping them on when you go to town or head out for a ride, consider that when purchasing. What height and material work best with your style?

Ariat’s Best Farm Boots for Men

Ready to check out some of the best men’s farm boots from our lineup? Here are some of our favorites:

BootAbout the BootsWaterproofVentilatedDuratreadLeather
Sport Wide Square Toe Western BootGreat for everyday use on the ranch, these boots are also approved for riding and feature a traditional, western design.NoNoYesYes
Hybrid Rancher Western BootEqually comfortable on the ranch or on a ride, the Hybrid Rancher provides all-day cushioning and Duratread slip resistance.NoNoYesYes
Hybrid Rancher Waterproof Western BootA hard-working boot that can stand up to wet and cold weather while still being stirrup friendly.YesNoYesYes
Heritage Roper Western BootThese full-grain leather roper boots are crafted to provide great stability and comfort.NoNoYesYes

Need additional assistance finding the right pair of farm boots? Visit our help center, or get in touch with us.