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"So They Say" Episode 10: EZ Zip Up Adaptive Boots

We're proud to offer the first zip up cowboy boots for ranchers and riders with limb loss or foot complications.

In this episode of “So They Say,” Kate Harrison sits down with Lars MacLeaod, Director of Product Creation at Ariat, to explore the development of Ariat’s EZ Zip Boot Collection. This collection of zip up boots helps people with limb loss or lower-leg complications easily put on pull-on boots, and features our recent footwear innovation: Ariat’s patented EZ Zip(™) Entry System. The collection includes the Workhog XT, a carbon toe work boot for men, as well as theRyden and Primetime, zip up Western boots for men and women.

Functional, attractive adaptive footwear can be hard to find. The EZ Zip collection has made both women’s and men’s zip up cowboy boots accessible to a group previously left out of the market.

Informed by decades of research, our team designed the EZ Zip Entry System to be the ideal boots for prosthetic legs, and for those unable to wear traditional pull-on cowboy boots because of lower-leg complications. The EZ Zip Entry System was inspired by stories about people from Ariat’s community who have had to give up their beloved boots due to movement complications. With the help of our diverse customer wear-testers, EZ Zip boots went through numerous design iterations to ensure a snug and supportive fit identical to that of any of our other Ariat boots and Western footwear.

“We are honored to introduce our next great innovation in footwear, the EZ Zip Entry System, and are thankful for the amazing advisors we’ve worked with in podiatry and prosthetics, as well as the numerous wear-testers whose feedback and guidance was invaluable to the development of this product,” said Jack Teague, VP of Footwear Design and Product Creation. “We have been so touched by the many heartwarming stories shared by customers who believe the EZ Zip Entry System has the potential to change their lives.”

The EZ Zip boot collection is designed to be worn by anyone — with or without a prosthesis — depending on each individual’s needs. A horizontal slit cut through the heel provides a new entry system that doesn’t require foot, ankle or lower leg flexibility. EZ Zip boots also feature a reverse back zipper that allows the boot to be easily zipped in place from top to bottom.

With EZ Zip, zip up cowgirl boots and zip cowboy boots allow more people to have the perfect adaptive boots for the moments that matter. Have EZ Zip boots been the right fit for you? Share your story with us by tagging #myAriat.

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