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Ryan Dirteater

Ariat Athlete and PBR bull rider speaks on his accomplishments and his "bring it" moments in his career.

Tulsa, Oklahoma 

PBR Bull Rider 

11-th time PBR World Finals Qualifier 

2016 PBR World Finals Champion





Biggest Accomplishment: 

Winning PBR World Finals in 2016. I had a great season that year; I was top ten in the world at the time, 100% physically and mentally prepared for the finals. It was my first time competing in that big stadium in Las Vegas. Everything felt right. I turned around, looked at my dad and said, “This is my time, Dad” and he said, “You can do it.” I got the gold buckle, a $250K check and put the Dirteater name in the history books. 

Biggest Challenge: 

The fear of failure and the adversity that we bull riders have to go through. When you go through injuries it's tough to come back. I broke my femur, I tore my knee up, pulled my tricep, cracked my jaw, collapsed my lung, broke my ribs, and broke my collarbone. When you get knocked down, when things get rough, that's when the heart comes out and you realize how bad you really want it. 

What does “bring it” mean to you?

Giving it everything you've got. When you work for something that you want to succeed at in life and giving it everything you've got to get there. 

What was the most “bring it” moment in your career? 

In Oklahoma City in 2018 when I picked the bull, Bruiser, the world champion bucking bull at the time. I was in my home state, at one of my favorite events and I had 93.25 point ride. You're talking about the best feeling in the world. I did an interview before I rode and I'd said if I could capitalize on this moment it would be the highlight of my career. It was like I saw it before it even happened. It was an unbelievable feeling and the quintessential “bring it” moment in my career.

What does it take to “bring it” every day?

I think it takes a lot of different things. It takes heart, discipline, determination, dedication, and desire. If you can put all those together, you can bring it every time, for everything you do in life, not just bull riding. You want to be a team roper, in construction, a doctor or a teacher- put all those together and I think you'll be successful. Give it everything you've got.

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