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Najiah Knight

Ariat Athlete and miniature bull rider speaks about breaking down barriers and what it means to bring it.

Arlington, Oregon

Miniature Bull Rider 

“I want to be the first girl to compete on the PBR Unleash the Beast Tour”






Best Accomplishment: 

Breaking down barriers and the idea that girls can't be professional Bull Riders.

Biggest Challenge: 

Competing at Madison Square Garden as the first girl ever to compete in a MBR/PBR competition and making history where I won the 3rd round.

What does “bring it” mean to you? 

Always giving it everything I have inside of me. Never holding back, no matter what. 


What is your most memorable “bring it” moment in your career? 

There have been two so far! Receiving the “Be Cowboy Award” in Billings, Montana followed by being honored at Madison Square Garden for Women of Sports. 

What does it take to “bring it” every day?

It's not just one thing. It's my physical strength, my mental strength, my parents support and how I am feeling inside. I put it all together and go for it. 

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