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Kaycee Feild

Ariat Athlete and rodeo champion speaks about his career and what it means to "bring it".

Kaycee Feild's Salt Flats Ride

On a windy afternoon, a lone bucking chute opened on Utah's Ibex/Tule Valley Hardpan, unleashing Two Buck Cuck-a striking stud carrying six-time bareback world champ Kaycee Field and his longtime dream. And no fence to contain the brawny bucking horse. While most innovators push boundaries, Kaycee eliminated them. “It was equivalent to a big rodeo win for me,: Kaycee said. ”I dreamed about it, and I challenged myself to achieve my dream."

Genola, Utah ​

Six-time PRCA World Champion​ Bareback Rider​

“Rodeo is in my blood”​


Biggest Accomplishment:

It’s a tossup. Winning my first world title in 2011 gave me the confidence I needed to achieve my ultimate goal of winning 4 world titles. Also, winning a half million dollars at The American was one of the most amazing days of my life. It was after I’d lost my father to cancer and I was in a slump mentally, financially, and physically. After I won, I felt like a million pounds had been lifted off my shoulders. A lot changed for me in my life after that win. ​

Biggest challenge:​

Losing my Dad to cancer. He was not just my coach, but my life coach and the reason I am who I am today. I loved and admired him to the core. I had to dig myself out of my hole at get back to competing at the top. I needed to know my family would be OK while I was away competing.​




What does “bring it” mean to you?​

In one word? Resilience. What I’ve experienced—breaking arms, hips surgeries, brain injuries, a busted-up face—I tell myself “I can power through this”. I am a fierce competitor and I’m going to “bring it” every day. Riding bucking horses is like life. You get bucked off you get back on and keep going. You don’t question it. You just do it. It’s not a choice. It’s who I am and where I want to be.​

What was the most “bring it” moment in your career?​

Winning at the biggest 1-day rodeo in America, The American in Dallas, after coming back from my brain injury in 2019. It gave me the confidence I needed to keep bringing it. Having my family there watching me also gave me strength. You haven’t seen what Kaycee Feild is capable of yet. So keep watching. ​

What does it take to “bring it” every day? ​

Mental toughness and a deeply positive outlook. There will always be things you don’t have control over in your life and career, but if you remain optimistic you block out the negative thoughts and keep your mind focused: I can’t be stopped. No one can one hold me back. I will accomplish my goals no matter what.

Unbroken with Kaycee Feild

Now streaming, Unbroken tells the story of six-time bareback world champion Kaycee Feild. Watch how he overcomes and perseveres to fulfill his dream of becoming the best. Watch here.