How to Cut Your Jeans into Shorts

How to Cut Your Jeans into Shorts

How to Cut Your Jeans into Shorts

Cutoff jean shorts are a classic closet staple that any denim lover should own. Not only are they easy to wear, but they are even easier to make. Here’s how to cut your jeans into shorts.


Difficulty Level: Easy to medium

What You’ll Need: Denim, chalk, scissors, pins, measuring tape

How To:

1. Try on your jeans and mark with chalk where you want your shorts to stop. This will guide you when you make your cuts.

2. Take off your jeans and lay them on a flat surface. Then, reference your chalk marks and cut along the lines you drew.

3. You can leave them cut a little longer and add a cuff or a hem with a sewing machine, or rough up the edges and let them fray for a more casual style.

Pro Tip: Once you’ve made your cuts, you can always remove more fabric, but you can’t add any back. We recommend making small cuts until your shorts are the desired length.

We hope you like your new cutoff shorts! Be sure to tag us with pictures of your finished denim using #myAriat.