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Ezekiel Mitchell

A conversation with Ariat Athlete and one of the top 25 bull riders in the world.

Baytown, Texas 

One of the Top 25 Bull Riders in the world.

“Don't take no for an answer”

Biggest Accomplishment: 

Being where I am today. Making it to the top 25 Bull Riders in the world because I am driven and determined, not because I was a cowboy growing up. I am defying the odds every day and hopefully inspiring others to do the same. 

Biggest Challenge: 

That little voice of self-doubt. Since I didn't grow up in a cowboy family or in an environment that aspired to compete, I have had to block out what people would say to me while I was coming up.

What does “bring it” mean to you?

No fear. No self-doubt. Hard work. Sometimes pain. Pushing forward because it's worth it.

What was the most “bring it” moment in your career?

August 7, 2020 in Brismarck, ND riding on the bull Good Night Robicheaux. The odds were not in my favor, but I overcame any doubt in my head and rode him for a 90! 

What does it take to "bring it" every day?

Don't ever take “no” for an answer. When the whole world tells you no, you have to be the one that says “YES”

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